Praises for Market Upside Down: How to Invest profitably in a Shrinking Economy:

“Vinh Tran’s deep knowledge of global economic events and his skill as a market participant shine through in Market Upside Down, wherein he illuminates the structural problems that exist in the U.S. economy and the ongoing risks these problems pose to investors. The book gives investors practical strategies for thriving in turbulent times, and is important for anyone who wants to understand the new normal of the investing landscape.”
--Tony Crescenzi, Strategist and Portfolio Manager, PIMCO; and author of Investing from the Top Down and The Strategic Bond Investor

“The fall in real estate values, credit market crises and stock market crash of 2008 and their effects worldwide put into question all that we have learned about investing.  Vinh Tran provides the first best guide to making investment decisions for the future.”
--Ronald W. Sellers, Chairman & CEO, Atlantic Asset Management

“There are lots of these books that purport to understand the current credit crisis, and even claim to have seen the severity of it ahead of time.  Vinh Tran's book, on the other hand, is very clear and understated in its accurate analysis of, not only what happened, but the consequences of this crisis to investors and markets going forward.  The language is clear and precise, even if the subject matter is murky and complex. He is to be heartily congratulated for demystifying the mess we're in.”
--Lawrence J. Longua, Director - REIT Center, NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate

“Market Upside Down makes a case against consensus wisdom, which holds that in spite of two devastating bear markets in stocks in  2000 and 2008,  stocks should remain the cornerstone of investment portfolios, even for retirees, and even for conservative investors.  The author argues that the current financial crisis means that future returns in stocks are highly problematic.  He goes on to outline alternate strategies designed to preserve capital and produce "absolute returns".   This is a provocative and well- documented book, full of interesting ideas.  It deserves your attention.”
--Annette Thau, PhD.  Author of bestseller, The Bond Book

“Market Upside Down is a cautionary tale of the evils of debt.  Our economic woes won’t end with the resolution of the mortgage-backed securities crisis.  Investors are facing a new crisis caused by massive government debt.  But, fear not, Vinh Tran doesn’t leave his readers unprotected. In his insightful book, he shares his strategies for profiting in down markets by investing in assets that promote liquidity, are diverse, help preserve capital, and manage unforeseen risks.”
--Thong Nguyen, Group Executive, Fiduciary Solutions, Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management

“Vinh Tran has done an excellent job summarizing his extensive experience as money manager.  He made his point without using any complex equations or formulas. His style is very smooth and easy to understand. His examples and historical events are very helpful to understand the aim and goal of a strategy. Whether you agree with his conclusions and opinions or not, you will enjoy the reading. It is a great eye opener for all types of investors. The paradigms of investments are well presented.”
-- George M. Jabbour, PhD, Professor of Finance, The George Washington University

“Market Upside Down provides a solid explanation of “how we got here” and as well offers constructive advice for those concerned about the impact of recent market movements on capital preservation and retirement portfolios.  Vinh Tran presents compelling evidence that all investors need to actively consider and manage risk and illustrates strategies for doing so successfully.   Tran has a knack for making complex topics accessible to lay readers while still providing plenty of worthwhile information for finance professionals.”
--Bridget Lyons, Chair, Department of Economics & Finance, John F. Welch College of Business, Sacred Heart University

“Market Upside Down gives a well-written, strong case as to why our economy may not easily recover the financial crisis.  The book also suggests how we can invest to reduce our risks.  I may not agree with everything, but it is a good read!”
--Roger G. Ibbotson, Chairman and CIO, Zebra Capital Management, LLC and Professor in Practice at Yale School of Management.

Praises for Evaluating Hedge Find Performance:

“Finally, a book written by a market practitioner for market practitioners. A must read for investors and practitioners alike.”
--Joseph Pignatelli, Jr., President, The Archstone Partnerships

“This book provides a refreshing view of the pros and cons of investment in general and of hedge funds in particular…Individuals wishing an honest introduction to the pros and cons of hedge fund investing will find this book worthwhile.”
--Thomas Schneeweis, Editor, The Journal of Alternative Investments.

Evaluating Hedge Fund Performance is required reading for the Chartered Financial Analystcertification exam by the CFA Institute and is used as textbook in alternative investments at Sacred Heart University.

“From picking the winners to going for the gold and searching for Holy Grail (alpha), Tran does not leave any stone unturned. Highly recommended and a must-read for everyone interested in hedge funds and funds of hedge funds.”
--Greg N. Gregoriou, Associate Professor of Finance, and coordinator of faculty research, State University of New York (Plattsburg)

“In writing this book on evaluating hedge fund performance, Dr. Tran has addressed a difficult topic. But the result is an important and needed work that should be of great value to both individual and institutional investors to have a good understanding of the potential benefits and pitfalls of hedge funds.”
--David Brown, Chairman and Chief Market Strategist, Sabrient Systems, Inc.

“Tran does a great job of explaining the dynamics of hedge fund performance in a simple and interesting manner.”
--Dr. Vikas Agarwal, Assistant Professor of Finance, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University.